What do ‘Meat Goats’ look like?

At Honeysuckle Farm, we keep a breed of goats called ‘Boer’ Goats. Boer goats are a breed that originates from South Africa and are bred for their meat.

How do Boer goats differ from other goats?

Being especially bred for meat production, Boer goats are much ‘stockier’ and ‘shorter’ than standard dairy goats.  At Honeysuckle Farm we favour meat goats that are ¾ Boar goat and ¼ dairy goat, as this cross seems to produce kids that grow fast and, generally, get slightly taller than a pure Boer goat.

What do meat goats look like?

Can we eat the meat from any type of goat?

The answer is yes, but often if you buy goat meat, certainly in this country, it is poor quality and comes from unwanted dairy goats (either surplus buck kids, or older cull animals).

The meat from Boer goats is of superior taste and texture to that of these dairy ‘waste’ animals, in a similar way to eating the meat from beef cattle over that of dairy cattle.

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